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The list of services below takes you to information that describes the exam and gives you an idea of what to expect before your appointment. When you are ready to schedule or if you have any questions, call us at 414-774-7226. We look forward to serving you



Our 3T MRI is our most powerful scanner. It offers twice the field strength of traditional MRI scanners and produces very detailed images of the intricate body parts such as the brain, vascular system and joints. Providing clear, detailed images of these tiny body parts, 3T MRI helps ensure an accurate diagnosis. 

High-field, Wide-bore MRI

Wide-open MRI

Our Wide-bore MRI scanner offers patients the best of both worlds - high-quality MRI scans to guide diagnosis and a more comfortable patient experience. The inner part of the scanner where the patient lies is wider and flared, providing extra space to help to relieve feelings of anxiety among those who experience claustrophobia.

Open Upright MRI

open upright MRI

CDI offer’s Wisconsin’s only Open Upright MRI scanner. With nothing in front of your face for most exams, it is the ideal scanner for claustrophobic patients as the open design helps minimize feelings of claustrophobia. You can even watch TV during most exams. 



CT Tech patient sitting

An extremely fast scan, CT captures incredibly detailed images of your organs and vascular system, as well as your abdomen and bones. The CT program at CDI is driven by our commitment to patient safety. We’re focused on capturing the highest quality images with the least amount of radiation.


An arthrogram, or an arthrography, is the X-ray examination of a joint such as a shoulder, hip or wrist to help identify the source of your pain.

Musculoskeletal Therapeutic Injections

Musculoskeletal therapeutic injection procedures are ordered for therapeutic treatment of pain in joints (shoulder, hip, wrist, etc.) Your doctor may also request that you receive a therapeutic joint injection in conjunction with an arthrogram and imaging procedure (MRI or CT).


doctor and patient reviewing x-ray

X-ray exams at CDI are quick and convenient. We can often work patients in the same-day, but in order to make your experience as positive as possible we ask that you please call ahead to verify insurance and wait times.