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The list of services below takes you to information that describes the exam and gives you an idea of what to expect before your appointment. When you are ready to schedule or if you have any questions, call us at 414-774-7226. We look forward to serving you.

High-field MRI

Siemens Symphony High-field MRI

Our High-field MRI captures high-quality, clear images. The technologists who operate the scanner are certified in MRI and will stay in constant communication with you throughout your scan.


An arthrogram, or an arthrography, is the X-ray examination of a joint such as a shoulder, hip or wrist to help identify the source of your pain.

Musculoskeletal Therapeutic Injections

Musculoskeletal therapeutic injection procedures are ordered for therapeutic treatment of pain in joints (shoulder, hip, wrist, etc.) Your doctor may also request that you receive a therapeutic joint injection in conjunction with an arthrogram and imaging procedure (MRI or CT).


X-ray machine

X-ray exams at CDI are quick and convenient. We can often work patients in the same-day, but in order to make your experience as positive as possible we ask that you please call ahead to verify insurance and wait times.