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High-field MRI

Because we can’t diagnose what we can’t see

We are committed to providing the highest quality medical imaging services in the Greater Milwaukee area. One way we do this is by investing in the latest MRI technology that will capture clear and detailed images to help provide an accurate diagnosis. We offer a variety of MRI options at our Milwaukee area centers to meet your exam needs.


Our 3T MRI is our most powerful scanner. It offers twice the field strength of traditional MRI scanners and produces very detailed images of the intricate body parts such as the brain, vascular system and joints.

High-field, Wide-Bore MRI

Our Wide-bore MRI scanner offers patients the best of both worlds - high-quality MRI scans to guide diagnosis and a more comfortable patient experience. 

High-field MRI

Our High-field MRI captures high-quality, clear images. CDI offers High-field MRI at all our outpatient imaging centers in the Milwaukee area.

Open Upright MRI

CDI in Wauwatosa offer’s Wisconsin’s only Open Upright MRI scanner. With nothing in front of your face for most exams, it is the ideal scanner for claustrophobic patients.

Why does MRI “field strength” matter?

1.5T lumbar scan imageMR imaging uses a powerful magnet combined with a computer to capture images of the inside of your body. Field strength is the power of the scanner’s magnet—the higher the field strength, the better the image quality. High-field MRIs, like the 1.5T (tesla) that has become an industry standard, also provide more information more quickly. Field strength matters because our Wisconsin radiologists rely on high-quality images to better visualize patient anatomy and make accurate diagnoses. 

These high-quality images are read by our specialized radiologists from the Medical College of Wisconsin – doctors with advanced training in reading imaging studies of the body part you are having examined. With our experienced Wisconsin radiologists analyzing your imaging results, you can be confident of an accurate diagnosis.


What does an MRI sound like?

The exact sound an MRI makes will vary depending upon the type of exam you are having. Our MRI technologists will help prepare you for this before your exam. Here is a sample of what you might hear:

MRI Sound 1   MRI Sound 2  

(You must have Windows Media Player to play the sound files.)

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