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When your doctor tells you a medical imaging exam, like an MRI, CT or an injection for pain, is the next step in your care, how do you know you are accessing the best quality of services? At CDI-affiliated centers we focus on three key areas of patient care:

Our radiologists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing injuries and ailments through images of your body. The radiologist, in partnership with your community health provider ensures medical imaging or a related procedure really is your best next step in care. This consulting partnership happens in a variety of ways, but our doctors are just a phone call way when your referring doctor has questions about your care. 

Advanced imaging technology – like an MRI or CT scan – with the latest capabilities is important, but not as important as the people who guide you through the exam. Our technologists are the professionals operating the technology. They take extra time to make sure you are cared for every step of the way. Their advanced training in the scanners they operate or procedures they perform ensures your exam is correct and safe. When qualified technologists operate the scanner, they capture detail of the anatomy needed for review by our doctors. Having each scan performed by a skilled technologist is an important step to ensure that our radiologists reviewing your images have all the information they need to guide your care.

Your diagnostic report is a critical piece of information needed to guide the next steps in your care. It helps your provider choose your treatment. Our radiologists are medical doctors who have additional training in the study of images of the human body. They specialize in areas like brain and spine (neuro), body, bones and joints (musculoskeletal) and breast, or in procedures used to diagnose and treat your pain. What this means to you is that they review or perform thousands of cases a year in specialized areas.  When someone is an “expert” it’s because they do the same thing over and over again. That’s why you can be confident in our radiologists reviewing your scan images. 

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