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3T MRI in Virginia

Powerful technology at Insight Imaging Woodbridge

The High-field 3T MRI at Insight Imaging is the latest in ultra high-field imaging. The scanner is double the strength of traditional High-field MRIs leading to:

  • Improved image quality – seeing greater detail in areas of the body that have traditionally been harder to image, such as very small vessels in the brain and small orthopedic areas (fingers, toes, wrists)
  • Shorter scan times – getting you through your MRI experience in less time

More patient comfort

The Siemens MAGNETOM® Verio 3T is:

  • Virginia 3T MRIExtra-wide (side-to-side) in the opening where you lay during the exam. This is called the “bore” and it is 70cm, which is the widest of any 3T MRI system. This makes the scanner ideal for larger and claustrophobic patients.
  • The shortest (end-to-end) 3T MRI available today. This means that for many exams your head may be out of the scanner. 

We know you have a choice in where you go for medical imaging. At Insight Imaging you can know you are getting great care with our powerful new 3T MRI technology, certified technologists and radiologists.

If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment, call us.