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Why a Callback after a Mammogram can be a Good Thing

posted on WED, JAN 30 2019 by Center for Diagnostic Imaging

It’s easy to let your mind jump to the worst conclusion when you get a callback after a mammogram. That’s when we call you to tell you that you need more tests. If you get that call, remember 3 out of 4 callback patients will find out they do NOT have breast cancer.

Pat Hagan knows exactly what it’s like to get that callback. She went through more testing and a biopsy to find out she was cancer free. But her whole experience made her more vigilant about mammograms. Eight months later, her vigilance paid off. Watch her story: 

About Dr. Wallace
Priscilla Wallace, M.D. is a board certified diagnostic radiologist at EPIC Imaging in Oregon. Her areas of interest include breast and women’s imaging and GI diagnostic imaging. Read her full bio here.

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