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Open MRI Posts

From our markets across the country.

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CDI – Puyallup is Open

CDI - PuyallupCDI has opened its 8th location in Puget Sound, offering high-field open MRI, low-dose CT and injections to lessen pain.

Puget Sound

I’m Getting an MRI, so What’s a Coil?

Head Coil in Open Upright MRIA coil helps the MR machine gather high-quality images of a specific body part and is essential in generating images.

Massachusetts Puget Sound

What type of MRI machine is right for me?

Did you know that not all MRI machines look the same? There is a WIDE difference in this unique scanner technology. Know your options. 

Puget Sound

What it’s like to get a High-field Open MRI

A High-field (high-quality) MRI can be experienced on an OPEN scanner. Watch this video of a patient experiencing an exam on CDI-Kirkland's High-field Open MRI. 

Puget Sound

Is the High-field Open MRI right for me?

The type of MRI can be an issue for patients who are claustrophobic, obese or broad-shoulder. High-field Open MRI may be a good option for these patients to more comfortably complete quality imaging needed to guide care. 

Puget Sound

MRI Patients: Why a Subspecialized Radiologist Makes a Difference

Understand the difference between a General Diagnostic Radiologist and a Subspecialized Radiologist. The doctor viewing your medical images and writing the report is critical in identifying the right diagnosis to help your provider determine the best treatment path.

Puget Sound

Virtual Visit to CDI in Kirkland, WA

At CDI’s Kirkland center, trained technologists help you through medical imaging services: High-field Open MRI, MRI, 16-slice CT, Ultrasound and X-ray.

Puget Sound

Breathing Techniques to Help with MRI Claustrophobia

If you’ve ever taken a deep breath before tackling something that makes you fearful, you’ve experienced the power of the inhale and the exhale. 

Puget Sound

Managing Claustrophobia When You Need an MRI

For many patients, the idea of getting an MRI causes feelings of anxiety. Not only in the uncertainty of the results, but in getting through the exam itself. This video offers helpful tips from Seattle-based yoga instructor explaining breathing techniques and additional recommendations from a therapist on getting through situations that make us uncomfortable.  

Puget Sound

How to Get Through an MRI if You’re Claustrophobic

Claustrophobia and a traditional MRI don't often mix well. For people who experience fear or anxiety when in an enclosed space, there are options to completing an MRI comfortably.  

Puget Sound

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