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MRI Posts

From our markets across the country.

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Coils for the Open Upright MRI

Video on MRI CoilsWatch this video on the various coils that are used for exams on the Open Upright MRI. 

Puget Sound

CDI – Puyallup is Open

CDI - PuyallupCDI has opened its 8th location in Puget Sound, offering high-field open MRI, low-dose CT and injections to lessen pain.

Puget Sound

I’m Getting an MRI, so What’s a Coil?

Head Coil in Open Upright MRIA coil helps the MR machine gather high-quality images of a specific body part and is essential in generating images.

Massachusetts Puget Sound

An MRI for Claustrophobic People - High-field Open

Determination can sometimes conquer claustrophobia. But when it can’t, there’s the High-field Open MRI. We talk to a CDI technologist who helps dozens of patients conquer their fears HIgh-field Open MRIevery week.

Puget Sound

Tricks to Getting Through an MRI Can Be a Treat for Nervous Patients

Our technologists have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to help claustrophobic patients through their MRI exams.

Puget Sound

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

PatientThis month, we remind our patients to take steps to have a plan to detect breast cancer in its early stages.

Puget Sound

Imaging Concussions in Young Athletes

Fall Football ImageIf you have a child in fall sports, like football or soccer, you have probably gotten some information on concussions. Learn when and how imaging can play a role in diagnosing this potentially serious injury. 

Puget Sound

Techs Guide Claustrophobic Patients Through the MRI Experience

Video PreviewWhen it comes to taking care of patients, experience counts. We have plenty of that at CDI. Our technologists bring both years of experience along with a love of their chosen career and compassion for patients. 

Puget Sound

Why Breast Patients Go To CDI

Breast MRIMost of our patients don’t start their medical journey at CDI. Instead, their health care provider refers them for advanced imaging and often recommends CDI. Learn why M.D.s prefer CDI for Breast MRI.

Puget Sound

Real Patients with Real Fears Tackle the Real Open MRI

If you suffer from claustrophobia then the idea of an MRI might be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Finding a "real" High-field Open MRI may be the answer. Open MRI


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