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Concussion Movie Sheds Light on Dangers for Younger Athletes

What do you do if your child gets a sports-related concussion? 

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Lung Cancer Screening: The Life-saving CT Scan

If you could convince 1 smoker to take 1 minute this year for a test, this would be it. 

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Imaging Concussions in Young Athletes

Fall Football ImageIf you have a child in fall sports, like football or soccer, you have probably gotten some information on concussions. Learn when and how imaging can play a role in diagnosing this potentially serious injury. 

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When to Consider Bone Density Testing


Did you know that there is a simple test that can tell you if you have weak bones or osteoporosis before you break a bone? If you are a woman age 65 or older, or a man age 70 or older, this test could pertain to you.

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Diagnosing the Underlying Cause of Back Pain with Myelograms

A myelogram combines an image-guided injection with a follow-up CT scan to accurately determine the source of your back pain. This overview also includes a brief illustrated video to help further explain the exam. 

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Understand the Underlying Cause of Your Joint Pain

MRI Arthrogram of the Shoulder

Pain can be frustrating, especially when the cause is unclear. An Arthrogram can help shine a light onto the cause behind your joint pain symptoms to help your doctor determine the best course of action. Read more and watch an illustrated video. 

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3 Steps to Relieving Sinus Pressure and Pain

Woman with Sinus PainAs we move quickly toward Spring, many of us will suffer from seasonal sinus pressure, pain, congestion and irritation. While this may be an acute case of sinusitis, which is a temporary infection, you may have chronic sinusitis if your symptoms don’t go away. Learn the three steps you can take to get answers and relief. 

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CT Radiation: Getting the Lowest Dose Possible

This video discusses how CDI is leading the medical imaging industry in monitoring and reducing patient exposure to radiation during Computed Tomography (CT) exams. 

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CT Scans Continue To Make News

Radiation from medical imaging continues to make news. Watch the recent Today Show segment to know what 3 questions to ask your doctor before having a CT scan.

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MRI Patients: Why a Subspecialized Radiologist Makes a Difference

Understand the difference between a General Diagnostic Radiologist and a Subspecialized Radiologist. The doctor viewing your medical images and writing the report is critical in identifying the right diagnosis to help your provider determine the best treatment path.

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