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CDI - Puget Sound Viewpoints Blog

Check out our most recent news:

What type of MRI machine is right for me?

Did you know that not all MRI machines look the same? There is a WIDE difference in this unique scanner technology. Know your options. 

What it’s like to get a High-field Open MRI

A High-field (high-quality) MRI can be experienced on an OPEN scanner. Watch this video of a patient experiencing an exam on CDI-Kirkland's High-field Open MRI. 

CDI Teams Up With The Breast Diagnostic Center To Offer Patients High-quality Breast MRI Services

Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) announces today they are partnering with radiologists specialized in breast imaging to launch their new Breast MRI service line at their Federal Way and Lakewood, WA centers. 

Is the High-field Open MRI right for me?

The type of MRI can be an issue for patients who are claustrophobic, obese or broad-shoulder. High-field Open MRI may be a good option for these patients to more comfortably complete quality imaging needed to guide care. 

Virtual Visit to CDI in Federal Way, WA

Experience our CDI - Federal Way center as technologist, Wendell Anderson, walks you through each imaging suite in this quick video. 

CT Scans Continue To Make News

Radiation from medical imaging continues to make news. Watch the recent Today Show segment to know what 3 questions to ask your doctor before having a CT scan.

How Subspecialized Radiologists Help You Get the Best MRI Read

You may never meet your radiologist. He or she is the medical doctor who looks at the images collected during your scan, which is conducted by a technologist, and writes a report for your doctor. It's one of the most important "behind-the-scenes" jobs in health care. If you have questions, call us at 425-291-8352.

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