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Need An MRI? Tips for Claustrophobics from Boston Univ. Expert

Fear LadderHave you heard of a fear ladder? It’s just one technique for conquering claustrophobia suggested by Dr. Todd Farchione of Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders. He gives patients great real-world ways to practice at home for their MRI scan.

Why is the High-field Open MRI so good for claustrophobics?

Determination can sometimes conquer claustrophobia. But when it can’t, there’s the High-field Open MRI. We talk to a CDI technologist who helps dozens of patients conquer their fears HIgh-field Open MRIevery week.

Insider Tricks to Help You Forget Your MRI Fears

Aromatherapy? Sleep masks? Sounds like a spa, but we’re talking about MRIs. CDI technologists aren’t exactly magicians, but they do use a lot of distraction techniques to help nervous patients get through exams. Learn more about their tried-and-true tactics.Open MRI Patient Comfort

Real Patients with Real Fears Tackle the Real Open MRI

If you suffer from claustrophobia then the idea of an MRI might be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Finding a "real" High-field Open MRI may be the answer. Open MRI

Your MRI: Facing Fears and Conquering Claustrophobia

From focusing on the finish line to putting a smile on your face, Dr. Todd Farchione of Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders shares real steps to conquering your fear of an MRI. High-field Open MRI Scanner

Athletes Come to CDI for Quickest Road to Recovery

BikerAthletes are so determined to get back in the game after they are injured. Here's how they often approach treatment and what doctors have to say about it.

Runners Push Past Injuries to Reach Boston Marathon

Dedication takes distance runners a long way, but sometimes they need medical help. Here’s the story of a CDI patient headed for the Boston Marathon. She wasn’t about to Marathon runnerslet a foot injury keep her from her goals.

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