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How CDI Helps Patients with Metal Implants get MR Imaging

posted on WED, JUL 12 2017 by Center for Diagnostic Imaging

After serving her country, veteran Sylvia Klees found her shoulders didn’t work the same as they once did. Two shoulder replacements later, Sylvia was still in pain and needed answers. But because of the metal in her shoulders, doctors at the VA told her they couldn’t do the MRI needed to look inside and see what was wrong. That’s how Sylvia found her way to CDI. Getting the right imaging can be an issue for any patient with metal in their body because metal can cause a blob on your MR images that hides the area your doctor needs to see. Here’s what you can do if you’re in the same situation as Sylvia:

About Dr. DuBois
Melissa S. DuBois, M.D. is a board certified musculoskeletal imaging and general radiologist at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI). Dr. DuBois also serves as an assistant professor of radiology and the medical director of the school of radiologic technology employed by the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Read her full bio here


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