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How Brain MRI can Help Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease

posted on WED, JUN 20 2018 by Center for Diagnostic Imaging

We all lose the car keys, forget a name, or have trouble finding a word. How do you know when that forgetfulness is something more? The Alzheimer’s Association says 5.7 million Americans are living with the disease and that number is rising rapidly. Knowing if dementia is caused by Alzheimer’s can be a challenge. One tool in that diagnosis is called volumetric brain imaging. An MRI machine is used to take images of your brain and then a radiologist, like CDI’s Ricardo Sanchez, M.D., can use advanced software to compare your brain volume to a large database. The radiologist is looking for high or low brain volumes that could indicate or rule out Alzheimer’s disease. Armed with information, you and your doctor can make the best choices about your treatment. Watch this story on the testing to find out more:

Volumetric brain imaging can also help diagnose other disease such as Epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and Multiple Sclerosis. Click here to learn more. 

About Dr. Sanchez
Ricardo Sanchez, M.D. is a board certified neuroradiologist at Center for Diagnostic Imaging in Massachusetts. Read his full bio here

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