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CDI – Puyallup is Open

posted on TUE, JAN 19 2016 by Center for Diagnostic Imaging

Puyallup locationCenter for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) has now opened its 8th location in Puget Sound. CDI – Puyallup is located within the Meridian Professional Plaza building at 2930 South Meridian Avenue, Suite 160.

The new outpatient imaging center offers patients the convenience of front-door parking, a comfortable lobby with complimentary refreshments, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology – including high-field Open MRI – and the compassion and expertise of CDI’s associates and subspecialized radiologists

High-field Open MRI

High-field Open MRIThis high-field Open MRI is uniquely designed to meet the needs of most patients. The magnet is open on all sides to more comfortably scan claustrophobic patients, or those who become anxious in tight spaces, as well as larger (up to 500 lbs.) or broad-shouldered patients unable to fit in a traditional MRI scanner.

In addition to comfort, the magnet strength (Tesla) is high-field which means the scanner can capture very clear images of the body in less time than a traditional Open scanner. This means short scan times and more accurate results with a low need for repeat scans.

See the High-field Open MRI (This is the same scanner available at CDI - Kirkland.)

Low-dose CT

CT ScannerThe 16-slice CT scanner offers advanced technology for a wide range of head-to-toe imaging, including excellent body exams.

This scanner is wrapped into our low-dose program which keeps lowering patient exposure to radiation a top priority for our radiologists and technologists. Currently, CDI – Puget Sound is 37% below the national average for radiation dose from CT imaging according to the latest data from the American College of Radiology’s Dose Index Registry (reporting dates from July – September 2015).

CDI voluntarily participates in this national registry by submitting doses for every CT exam we perform. It helps us continue to drive down our doses by seeing where we can work to refine protocols and sharing best practices within our national network of imaging centers.

In addition to MRI and CT, CDI – Puyallup also offers diagnostic and therapeutic injections for pain.

Centers hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

To schedule an exam at CDI, call 425.291.8352.

What's Next?

In the Puget Sound area:

Call to schedule an appointment at 425-291-8352.

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