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Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring (CACS) Warns of Heart Disease Risk

Coronary Artery Risk FactorsA five-minute test is giving patients valuable insight into their five-year heart disease risk.

Puget Sound

What it’s Like to Get an MRI Arthrogram

When you find out you need an arthrogram, you may instantly think “big needles?!?” We’re taking the fear of the unknown out of the procedure by walking you through what to expect from an MRI arthrogram.

Dallas/Fort Worth Massachusetts Puget Sound Wisconsin

Robert Baumgartner to retire as CDI’s CEO; Richard Long named successor

Why Sports Injury Patients Go To CDI

Patient on CTFrom elite athletes to weekend warriors, Dr. Garrett Hyman sees all kinds of sports-related injuries at Lake Washington Sports & Spine in Bellevue, WA. See why he turns to CDI. 

Puget Sound

Why Breast Patients Go To CDI

Breast MRIMost of our patients don’t start their medical journey at CDI. Instead, their health care provider refers them for advanced imaging and often recommends CDI. Learn why M.D.s prefer CDI for Breast MRI.

Puget Sound

Need An MRI? Tips for Claustrophobics from Boston Univ. Expert

Fear LadderHave you heard of a fear ladder? It’s just one technique for conquering claustrophobia suggested by Dr. Todd Farchione of Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders. He gives patients great real-world ways to practice at home for their MRI scan.


Why Pain Management Patients go to CDI

Michelle Murphy, ARNPWhen it comes to pain management, Michelle Murphy, ARNP of Murphy Family & Wellness Integrated Pain Management in Puyallup, WA often refers her patients to CDI. Here’s why:

Puget Sound

Why is the High-field Open MRI so good for claustrophobics?

Determination can sometimes conquer claustrophobia. But when it can’t, there’s the High-field Open MRI. We talk to a CDI technologist who helps dozens of patients conquer their fears HIgh-field Open MRIevery week.


Injections Help Ironman Athlete Compete

BikerWhat is it about endurance athletes that keeps them so focused on the finish line? Meet Brad Williams, the owner of a bike shop in Kent, WA and a triathlete. He came to CDI with lower back pain that threatened to derail his goal of competing in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Ironman. Here’s what happened:

Puget Sound

Insider Tricks to Help You Forget Your MRI Fears

Aromatherapy? Sleep masks? Sounds like a spa, but we’re talking about MRIs. CDI technologists aren’t exactly magicians, but they do use a lot of distraction techniques to help nervous patients get through exams. Learn more about their tried-and-true tactics.Open MRI Patient Comfort


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