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4 Things to do if you get “the call” after a Mammogram

posted on WED, OCT 26 2016 by Center for Diagnostic Imaging

When the phone rings the day after your mammogram, you may feel hesitation as you answer it. Dreading news that your radiologist has found “something” is completely normal. But it’s important to keep in mind that the real reason you get a mammogram is for early detection of breast cancer. The earlier your cancer is discovered, the better. So, if you do get “the call” that something from your mammogram raised a red flag, here are 4 tips from breast cancer patients and our breast health care experts on what to do next:

As Dr. Wendel advised in the video, it can be dangerous to Google search your diagnosis because some of the information online can be scary. If you do want to do you own research, try these recommended resources:

About Dr. George
Paula Y. George, M.D., M.A. is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist, specializing in breast imaging, MRI, and breast interventional procedures at St. Luke’s Hospital and St. Luke’s Center for Diagnostic Imaging – Midwest Breast Care Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Read her full bio here

About Dr. Sullivan
Julie R. Sullivan, M.D. is a board certified breast imaging radiologist at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI). Dr. Sullivan also serves as an assistant professor of radiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Read her full bio here

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