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Less radiation and high-quality images at CDI

Microdose Mammography Technology at CDI

Our microdose mammography technology at CDI North St. Paul offers a more comfortable mammogram experience:

  • Warmed, curved surface to support the breast
  • Low-dose mammogram utilizing photon-counting technology that produces quality diagnostic breast images at up to 40% lower radiation dose
  • Advanced technology allowing for faster exams
  • Convenient, outpatient clinic

Medical imaging is an important step in your health care. Many women’s clinics offer screening mammograms but if a suspicious mass is identified, you then need to find another provider for a diagnostic mammogram. By choosing CDI, your complete imaging care is covered from mammography screening through diagnostic imaging. 

Women’s Services at CDI:

Other Medical Imaging Services:


If you need to schedule your annual mammogram, other medical imaging exam or have questions, give us a call.