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32.8% less CT Radiation at CDI

Your safety drives our imaging care decisions. Our goal is always to provide the highest quality diagnostic images with the least amount of radiation possible for each patient. In fact, our average CT dose in the Twin Cities is 32.8% BELOW the national average, according to the latest data from the American College of Radiology’s Dose Index Registry (July-September 2017). 

There has been growing discussion around patient exposure to radiation (also called ‘dose’) during CT imaging. For years, CDI has been dedicated to minimizing the dose of radiation our patients receive while still obtaining high-quality images their provider can use to make decisions about their care. Our patient's safety is our top priority and we use the latest technology, high training standards, and best practices to protect you. 

Steps We Take to Lower CT Dose and Ensure Patient Safety

  • Specialized radiologists consult with your provider to determine which imaging technology is best for you. 
  • Certified CT technologists carefully position you within the scanner for optimal images of the area of interest.
  • Your unique size and weight are considered when setting up the exam.
  • Real-time radiation dose reduction technology is used to minimize your exposure and maintain maximum image quality.
  • CDI centers and CT scanners are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) which includes annual rigorous quality and safety reviews.
  • We submit the radiation dose of every single CT exam we perform, with other providers, through a nation registry created by the ACR in order to measure and report the quality of our CT services.

CDI partners with Pediatricians, Otolaryngology - ENT, surgery,  Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Radiology, Rehabilitation & Therapy, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Orthopedic surgery, Family Practice, Oncologists and various other specialties to bring you superior imaging service.