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Scheduling Your First Mammogram? Think 3D!

When you're ready to schedule your first mammogram, ask for a 3D mammogram at CDI in North St. Paul, West St. PaulRoseville or St. Louis Park. New research has shown 3D mammography (also called tomosynthesis) to be the most effective screening option, finding breast cancer earlier and reducing the chances that you'll be called back needlessly. This technology can be especially helpful with your first mammogram, giving you a great baseline with the most information as well as decreasing the chances you’ll be called back for a re-scan.

What is 3D Mammography (aka Tomosynthesis)?

A 2D mammogram takes 2 pictures of each breast – one from the top and one from the side. For every one picture in a 2D, the 3D captures 40-50 images from many different angles. It takes a millimeter-by-millimeter look through your breast tissue and any masses that may be associated with breast cancers are more easily recognized. Both tests are done on the same machine and have the same type of radiation exposure – though a 3D exam takes a few seconds longer on each side.

When 3D mammography (also called tomosynthesis) is used, it has been shown that breast cancer detection rates, especially in women with dense breasts, has increased up to 40% according to research presented to the Radiological Society of North America

Is a 3D mammogram right for me?

When you choose CDI in the Twin Cities, you can expect: 


Check with your insurance on individual coverage for 3D mammography

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