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You Have a Choice

Choose quality. Choose convenience.

Doctor and Patient looking at x-rays

At SSM Imaging, we know you have a choice in where you go for medical imaging.  That’s why we offer imaging services that are of the highest quality in a conveniently located center that is easy for you access. Call 314-739-0924 to schedule an exam.

When you arrive at our center for your exam, you will likely notice our commitment to quality and attention to patient-centered care right away. We offer:

  • A convenient outpatient location – you can drive right up to our facility, park right outside and walk in. There’s no need to navigate a complex health system.
  • Friendly and attentive staff to help relieve any anxiety you may have.
  • A spacious and comfortable waiting area with coffee, tea, soda and snacks, as well as television and reading materials helps to make you comfortable if you have to wait at all prior to your exam.
  • On-site radiologists who are available to answer your questions, provide timely interpretation of exams and ensure your safety.
  • Reports and images available to your doctor within 24 hours of your exam.
  • Insurance specialists who answer your questions about insurance coverage and any out-of-pocket costs.

We look forward to serving you by providing the best imaging experience with clear results.

To schedule an exam at SSM Imaging, call us at 314-738-0924