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Are you at risk of developing breast cancer?

Family history, health history and other factors can put you at higher risk of developing breast cancer. SSM Breast Care’s high-risk clinic gives you peace of mind by giving you the tools you need to become your own breast health expert. Woman smilingWe believe the way to do that is by helping you get personalized information about your health. That’s why we offer our high-risk clinic, a specialized, free risk assessment service available only to our mammography patients. The assessment will help you better understand yourself and your personal risk of developing breast cancer. To schedule a mammogram and free risk assessment, call us.

Women are often overwhelmed by all the statistics about breast cancer. The truth is no article in a brochure and no expert on TV can really tell you about you. At SSM Breast Care you will not receive the average breast health quiz you’d find on the web or in a magazine. The SSM breast health quiz is complete, only takes 5-10 minutes of your time, and you can take it right after you receive your annual mammogram. Your assessment results will be reviewed by our breast health team, and we'll follow up with you and your primary care doctor to help you understand your risk personal breast health risk factors.


If the assessment reveals that you are at increased risk of developing breast cancer, our nurse navigator will work with you to develop an individualized breast cancer screening program aimed to detect breast cancer at the earliest and most treatable stages.

At SSM Imaging, we follow the American Cancer Society, the American College of OB/GYNs, the American Medical Society, the American College of Radiology (ACR), and the Society of Breast Imaging, which all support screening mammography every year, beginning at age 40.  While there are no perfect tests in medicine, screening mammography is by far the best weapon we have in our fight against breast cancer and it is a proven one.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about screening mammography, 3D mammography, or other breast imaging services at SSM Imaging.

Let us help

If you’re interested in taking a free breast health assessment after your mammogram, please let a member of our team know. 

To schedule your next annual mammogram, call us.

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