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Stem Cell Therapy at CDI

If you’ve experienced a limiting joint or back injury that’s keeping you from doing the things you love, there’s hope. Stem cell therapy, now offered at Center for Diagnostic Imaging in the Puget Sound area, is a new service that enables the body to speed up its natural healing process by renewing tissues -- boosting your body’s ability to heal itself with help from your own cells and growth factors. This non-surgical treatment is used to treat various orthopedic injuries, including tendon, joint, osteoarthritic conditions and other soft tissue injuries. This holistic, minimally invasive approach is ideal for patients with damaged joints who are not ready for a joint replacement.

Stem cell therapy is an alternative for patients who don’t want to rely on medications to mask pain due to an injury or to have surgery to repair the injured joint or tendon. It is also ideal for younger patients who are not ready for a joint replacement.

If you are looking for a stem cell treatment center or are interested in learning more about stem cell therapy at CDI, please give us a call.