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Open MRI at CDI

Providing high-quality imaging care more comfortably

Your imaging needs are unique:

  • You may be nervous about the MRI experience of being in the scanner or anxious about the results of the scan.
  • You may be coming in for a first-time Knee MRI or a follow-up Brain MRI.
  • You may have broad shoulders that don’t fit comfortably into a traditional MRI or are unable to lie flat for a traditional exam.

Whatever your specific situation, our team of specialists at Puget Sound CDI is prepared to ensure you complete your imaging exam as comfortably as possible.

We are focused on your total imaging experience – from how you are greeted when you enter one of our outpatient centers, to keeping you in contact with one of our certified technologists throughout your exam, to delivering prompt, accurate results from one of our specialized radiologists to your provider.

With the widest variety of MRIs in Washington State, we know that we are the best imaging provider to deliver an exceptional imaging experience tailored to your unique needs. Our two Open MRI options include: 

High-field Open MRI

High-field Open MRI

  • Spacious and completely open design
  • High-field scanner for high-quality, clear images
  • Accommodates larger patients, up to 500 lbs.
  • Available at CDI - Kirkland and Puyallup

Open Upright MRI

patient and tech

  • Nothing in front of your face during the scan
  • Ability to watch TV for most exams
  • Offers positional imaging, such as sitting, standing and bending
  • Available at CDI - Renton