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3T Wide-bore MRI

A truly spacious MRI ideal for claustrophobic and large patients

3T MRICenter for Diagnostic Imaging - Bellevue has a new 3T MRI with an opening as wide and open as a hula hoop. With added space between you and the scanner walls, the new MRI offers a more comfortable exam, while being ideal for claustrophobic and larger patients, accommodating those up to 500 lbs. 

The strength of the magnet also allows for faster exam, shortening your time in the MRI.

More strength for more detailed images

Cervical NeckThe 3T wide-bore MRI has a powerful magnet with double the strength of a traditional high-field (1.5T) MRI. This gives the specialized radiologist reading your exam a new level of image quality and greater detail of anatomical regions in the brain, musculoskeletal system and body organs.

Our technologists who operate the scanner are certified in MRI and will stay in constant communication with you throughout your scan.


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