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4 Things to do if you get “the call” after a Mammogram

Instead of panicking, here are four things to do if you get a callback after your mammogram.

WED, OCT 26 2016

How Open Upright MRI Helps Claustrophobic Patients

Does an Open Upright MRI really help claustrophobic patients? Watch Penny's story and find out. 

WED, OCT 19 2016

What to Expect from a Breast MRI

Mammograms are great but sometimes doctors need other tools to screen for and diagnose breast cancer. Here’s how breast MRI works and why you might need one.

WED, OCT 12 2016

Sheet Metal Workers: Protecting Your Eyes in an MRI

We ask you a ton of questions before your MRI scan. If you are or have been a metal worker, we want to know. Here’s why.

WED, OCT 5 2016