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News & Events

How Does Delaying Pregnancy Impact Breast Health?

Do you know your risk factors when it comes to age and pregnancy? Some of this research might surprise you

WED, SEP 28 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Question Asking for a Second Opinion

Your doctor tells you one thing. Your gut says another. That’s when we think it’s time to seek a 2nd opinion.

WED, SEP 21 2016

Pain Medication vs. Injections: How to Find the Right Relief for You

If you are one of the 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, where can you find relief? We take a look at pain medication vs. pain injections. 

WED, SEP 14 2016

Find Out Why You Might Need a Sinus CT Scan

If you have sinus problems that aren’t getting better with medical treatment, you may need a sinus CT. Here’s how it works.

WED, SEP 7 2016