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News & Events

3 Questions to Ask Before Scheduling Your Next Mammogram

Whether it’s your first mammogram or your tenth, here are the 3 best questions to ask before scheduling your appointment.

WED, AUG 31 2016

How to Help Your Kids Avoid Injuries from Year-Round Sports

If year-round sports are part of your kid’s life, here are tips from our own Dr. Georges on ways to help your child avoid getting hurt.

WED, AUG 24 2016

Why Your First Mammogram Should be 3D

If you’re a woman in your early 40’s, here’s why you need to be thinking about 3D mammography.

WED, AUG 17 2016

What It’s Like to Get a Myelogram

For back pain sufferers, a Myelogram can help provide answers for you and your surgeon. Here’s what to expect from the imaging procedure.

WED, AUG 10 2016

How Women Can Prevent the Most Common Sports-Related Injuries

What’s the best way for women who love to work out to avoid injuries?

WED, AUG 3 2016