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News & Events

What to Expect from an Ultrasound Exam

Many patients think ultrasound is just for looking at growing babies, but we explain all the other ways doctors are using the exam to help guide care.

WED, JUL 27 2016

Why Your Chiropractor May Send You for Imaging

For people in pain, you might seek help at a chiropractor but end up in our offices. Here’s why.

WED, JUL 20 2016

What Are the Best Questions to Ask before Booking an MRI?

There’s a lot more than “when” and “where” to ask when your doctor says you need an MRI. Here’s our list of best questions to ask so you can get the best care possible.

WED, JUL 13 2016

The CDI Quality Institute Earns Provider Led Entity Designation from CMS

The CDI Quality Institute, a nonprofit affiliate of Center for Diagnostic Imaging, has been designated a Provider Led Entity (PLE) by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

TUE, JUL 12 2016

Is it OK to Skip my Mammogram?

What to do when fear is keeping you from getting your annual mammogram. 

WED, JUL 6 2016