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News & Events

MRI Patients: How Subspecialized Radiologists Make a Difference

Ever wonder who reviews the images from your MRI? This video explains the difference between a General Diagnostic Radiologist and a Subspecialized Radiologist. Radiologist reviewing images

WED, NOV 25 2015

Jim Stanley promoted to Chief Operating Officer at CDI

Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) announces the promotion of veteran CDI executive Jim Stanley to chief operating officer. In his new role, Stanley will lead all operational functions for the company’s fixed site and mobile divisions.

TUE, NOV 24 2015

3 Reasons to Get Your Diagnostic Imaging Done This Year

Year End To DoIf you’ve been holding off on getting an MRI or other diagnostic imaging service, now may be the time to take action. Check to see where you are at with your health insurance plan before the year ends.

WED, NOV 18 2015

Insight Imaging Extends Agreement to be GE Healthcare’s Preferred Mobile Interim Solutions Provider

Insight Imaging, a national leader in mobile interim and fixed-site diagnostic imaging solutions, announced today that they have extended an agreement to be the sole preferred provider for GE Healthcare’s interim services.

TUE, NOV 17 2015

What It’s Like to Get a CT Exam

Being prepared for a CT exam can go a long way in easing any anxiety. Catherine, a patient at our CDI Springfield center, takes us through her exam. Patient getting a CT exam

WED, NOV 11 2015

An MRI for Claustrophobic People - High-field Open

Determination can sometimes conquer claustrophobia. But when it can’t, there’s the High-field Open MRI. We talk to a CDI technologist who helps dozens of patients conquer their fears HIgh-field Open MRIevery week.

WED, NOV 4 2015