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News & Events

Should You Be Screened For Lung Cancer?

If you are or have been a smoker getting a lung cancer screening exam may be helpful in finding lung cancer at its earliest most treatable stage. Learn more about the exam and if it is right for you. Couple in their 60s

WED, SEP 30 2015

Imaging Concussions in Young Athletes

Fall Football ImageIf you have a child in fall sports, like football or soccer, you have probably gotten some information on concussions. Learn when and how imaging can play a role in diagnosing this potentially serious injury. 

THU, SEP 17 2015

Bariatric MRI Option Offers More Comfortable Scan

CDI patient Debra Beauregard lets our cameras follow her through her MRI scan. She sought out a High-field Open MRI machine because she expected it to be a more comfortable experience.

WED, SEP 16 2015

Techs Guide Claustrophobic Patients Through the MRI Experience

Video PreviewWhen it comes to taking care of patients, experience counts. We have plenty of that at CDI. Our technologists bring both years of experience along with a love of their chosen career and compassion for patients. 

WED, SEP 9 2015

The 4 Most Common Questions About MRI Safety

Our MRI technologists dig into the four most commonly asked questions. Then they set the record straight with their answers. When it comes to your health, we firmly believe any question is a good one.

THU, SEP 3 2015

Insight Imaging Named Preferred U.S. Mobile Interim Services Provider for Siemens Healthcare

Insight Imaging, a national leader in mobile interim and fixed-site diagnostic imaging solutions, announced that they have been named the preferred provider of mobile interim services for Siemens Healthcare.

WED, SEP 2 2015