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Mobile Interim Services

Short-term mobile MRI and CT rentals

If you have a short-term imaging need for MRI or CT, Insight Imaging is the right partner for you. We offer:

mobile truck

  • Mobile GE MRI Rentals
  • Mobile GE CT Rentals
  • Mobile Siemens MRI Rentals

For each of these manufacturers, we offer an extensive fleet of scanner platforms and tool sets.

Beyond the technology, we have flexible lease terms, various pricing options, certified original equipment manufacturer (OEM) built mobile systems with full OEM service contracts, and a 24/7 nationwide hotline for equipment support. 

Common short-term imaging needs

A short-term imaging rental can help you easily address a number of common radiology department challenges:

  • Add imaging services to your facility without the commitment of capital dollars
  • Maintain patient volumes during equipment downtime or an upgrade
  • Reduce your patient backlog for diagnostic imaging
  • Test the response to additional capacity with a lower-risk, limited-time commitment 

Seamless transition in care

At Insight Imaging, we strive to make the leasing process as easy as possible for you. Our staff and site planning resources will manage the transportation to and from your location as well as the setup process for your mobile imaging unit.

You can expect full support at every stage, including equipment orientation and pre-rental setup. A dedicated Insight Imaging team member will be on-site for the scanner delivery and will continue to work closely with you throughout your facility’s lease term.

Learn more about mobile interim services:

Call: 888-973-8262


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GE Healthcare’s sole preferred provider for interim mobile services.
Siemens Healthcare’s preferred MRI interim mobile provider.

Quality Partner

Insight Imaging's mobile services have earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.

The Joint Commission Gold Seal

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