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Mobile Rental FAQs

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What type of mobile imaging rental units are offered by Insight Imaging?

We offer a variety of mobile imaging rental units, including MRI, PET/CT and CT.


When does the rental term begin?

We will schedule a rental start date with you, and generally deliver the mobile unit at least one day prior to the targeted start date. Delivering the mobile prior to your scheduled start date allows the OEM field engineer ample time to inspect and prepare the diagnostic equipment for your use. There is never a cost to you for the early delivery or set-up of the mobile equipment.


What is included in the monthly rental fee?

Our monthly fees include OEM service and maintenance of the diagnostic imaging equipment and injector, as well as cryogen fills for our MRI equipment. Additionally, our staff is available 24/7 to respond to any issues that may arise with the mobile coach and the equipment support systems.


Will I be able to network with the mobile rental unit?

One of our experienced team members, as well as an OEM field engineer, will be on site at the time the mobile is delivered to work with your IT staff to ensure your network will successfully communicate with the mobile. We are also available prior to the delivery of the equipment to address any questions or concerns you may have, as well as providing technical support at all times before and during the course of the rental.


What type of phone connections will I need?

To meet recommended OEM service guidelines, the mobile trailer is equipped with two types of phone connections. A standard phone jack is available for a direct dial telephone and may be used as is or via an all-weather Hubbell Marine connector (part #PH6597). Multiple CAT5 or RJ45 data ports are also available, and it is recommended that one of these ports is dedicated for the OEM’s service modem. Additional ports may be used to network to your PACS or teleradiology system.


Who is responsible to ensure my site is suitable for and accessible by a mobile rental unit?

We will assist you with site planning and preparation. We will provide you with a site planning guide to get you started, and, if necessary, we’re happy to visit your facility prior to delivery to evaluate your proposed location. We’re available throughout your planning process to consult and advise you.


If I have service issues with the coach, how do I get them corrected?

Insight Imaging has trained personnel on call 24/7 to respond to any problem your staff may encounter with the mobile.


If I have service issues with the imaging equipment on the unit, how do I get them corrected?

Insight Imaging offers comprehensive OEM service for all diagnostic and filming equipment including injectors. Should a service issue arise, simply dial the OEM help line and place a service call. If you are not satisfied with the OEM response, reach out to your Insight Imaging contact and we will ensure that your issue is escalated and finds proper resolution.


Does the mobile rental unit need to be cleaned prior to our use?

Insight Imaging takes pride in providing an exceptional rental experience to all our customers. Each of our mobile units are inspected, cleaned and inventoried immediately prior to delivery to your facility. In most cases the mobile will be delivered a day or two in advance of your first scheduled day of use to ensure it is operating properly and to your satisfaction.


What type of electrical service do I need to operate the mobile rental unit?

All mobile rental units, including the imaging equipment operate on 480 volt/3 phase/150 amp service. The service should have a 5-wire (wye) configuration with a Russell Stoll connector (part#DF2504FRAB). For more details call 888-367-4327 to request a site planning guide.


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Insight Imaging's mobile services have earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.

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