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Mobile Imaging Support Services for MRI

In addition to equipment and maintenance of the mobile imaging units, we offer a variety of support services to make the lease of mobile imaging equipment as easy as possible for you and your team.

Asset Management

Our skilled professionals oversee maintenance and quality control programs for our mobile MRI equipment to ensure that you receive the best possible service. We understand that detailed visibility into operations is essential to working effectively and creating greater patient satisfaction. Our team diligently helps monitor your equipment for optimal scheduling and utilization.

As part of our asset management service, we provide an in-service orientation. This gives your staff the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the mobile unit, allowing them a higher comfort level in working with the mobile unit and its components.

Operational Management

With more than two decades of extensive diagnostic imaging enterprise management, we are experts when it comes to streamlining work flow. We share best practices and documentation with you to help with your mobile service operations.


As part of our full-service solution, we can provide highly-trained, certified and caring technical staff. If your own staff will be operating the mobile MRI unit, we can provide an in-depth clinical applications training, which is a more extensive instruction program available upon request.


As part of every MRI solution, Insight Imaging offers a comprehensive marketing toolkit to assist your team in building awareness and educating on appropriate utilization of the MRI services you now offer in the community. Upon request, we can also provide a one-time training session to educate the provider’s staff on the content and how to utilize the materials.

The marketing toolkit includes materials such as:

  • Information on the overall MRI solution with Insight Imaging
  • Education materials for referring clinicians
  • MRI patient communications

We will evaluate opportunities to expand your radiology business through contracted marketing solutions.


Patient Surveying

Like you, we are committed to the highest quality of patient care and satisfaction. To gauge this, we survey every patient after an MRI exam. Patient satisfaction survey results will be shared with you on a regular basis.

Site Planning

We will work closely with you on site planning to ensure your facility is set-up properly for a diagnostic imaging mobile unit. Proper site preparation will help ensure the mobile unit is set-up and operating properly.


To learn more about our MRI services, call 888-973-8262 or contact us