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A more comfortable MRI experience

When your doctor says you need an MRI, you want answers. But a traditional tube-like MRI may be difficult for people for various reasons, including claustrophobia, anxiety, large body build or obesity. Open Upright MRI of Missouri offers the only Open Upright MRI in the state.

An Open Upright MRI is the ideal solution for people who have difficulty undergoing traditional MRI exams. This scanner is different; it’s completely open in the front, which helps eliminate feelings of anxiety.

It's your choice where you go for medical imaging. If your provider orders an imaging exam, ask for Open Upright MRI of Missouri.

Open Upright MRI may be an option for you if you:

  • Are claustrophobic and can't be imaged in a traditional MRI scanner. The open design of the Open Upright scanner maximizes patient comfort; you can also watch TV during most exams. 
  • Are claustrophobic and prefer not to be sedated during an MRI. The open design of the scanner will minimize any anxiety.
  • Have a health condition or body type that prevents you from receiving your MRI lying down in a High-field short scanner (500 lbs. weight capacity).
  • Need a positional or weight-bearing images to evaluate your spine or joints for an accurate diagnosis. With Open Upright MRI, you can be evaluated sitting, standing, lying down or bending to better visualize different areas of the anatomy.



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