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Biopsy Exam Information

At Midwest Breast Care, we understand that our patients are looking for peace of mind. Our board-certified breast imaging radiologists are committed to providing you and your doctor quick and accurate results. If you need to return for additional imaging following your screening exam, you will be contacted directly by one of our certified mammography technologists.

The best way to determine whether a breast lump or abnormality found on a screening or diagnostic imaging exam is cancerous is to have a biopsy or an interventional breast procedure. Our radiologists use image-guidance to ensure accuracy during the biopsy. Midwest Breast Care's biopsies and interventional breast procedures are not surgical in nature and most only require a local anesthetic to numb the region from where tissue samples will be taken. Our specially trained radiologists (doctors trained in biopsies) will perform the procedure. 

Learn more below about the different types of biopsies:

If you have any additional questions about your exam or what to expect, please don’t hesitate to call us and speak directly to our staff.