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NEW CT Scanners

It's about your health.

Your safety is our top priority. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’re the first in the nation to install low-dose SOMATOM go.Up CT scanners from Siemens. Located at our Chesterfield and Frontenac centers, these new CT scanners provide a safer, better scan with the lowest dose of radiation possible. 

  • The radiation dose is customized to your size and shape.
  • A very fast scan speed means you’re exposed to radiation for a shorter time.
  • Only the portion of your body that needs to be scanned is scanned.

It’s about clear, sharp images, too.

Metal implants, dental fillings and pacemakers can make it difficult to get a clear image from a CT scan. The metal interferes with the image, causing bright white areas to appear. Often this means a radiologist can’t see the detail needed for a diagnosis. 

These new, state-of-the-art CT scanners capture crisp, clear images – even if you have a metal implant, fillings or a pacemaker. They also detect tinier fractures, smaller blood vessels and much smaller nodules in lung scans. This can mean diagnosing lung cancer earlier than ever.

Installing these new CT scanners is just one more way we put your health first. When you need a safe, high-quality scan, trust St. Luke's CDI. We specialize in answers.

To learn more about our new CT scanners or to schedule an exam, call 636-519-7865.


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