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Get Out of Pain and Into Life

Imaging to diagnose back and joint pain. Procedures to treat its root cause.

dad and daughterPain management injections may help diagnose and treat back and joint pain that is not responsive to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory or pain medications or physical therapy.  At CDI Frontenac in Missouri, our radiologists take the guess work out of pain treatment by using medical imaging to identify the source of your pain so you can get the treatment you need. Call our center to schedule an injection procedure.


Injection procedures offer many benefits:

  • Diagnose the root cause or source of your pain
  • Offer temporary to permanent pain relief on their own
  • Assist in relieving your pain so you can have chiropractic adjustments or do physical therapy
  • Create pre-surgical "map" of your pain sites
  • Help manage residual pain post-surgery

Talk through your pain issues with your doctor so together you can make decisions about next steps. If you feel an injection procedure is right for you, your provider will need to write an order for the procedure.


Learn more about our injection services to treat back and joint pain on our services page