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Are You at a High Risk for Breast Cancer?

We will help you understand your risk and create a plan

At St. Luke's CDI serving St. Louis, Missouri communities, we understand that each person’s risk of developing breast cancer is unique. We created a complimentary breast cancer risk assessment program. When you choose CDI for your annual mammogram, you can rest assured that your risk factors will be evaluated. If you are found to have an increased risk of developing breast cancer, you will receive individualized screening recommendations.

No prescription is needed for a screening mammogram, most insurance plans are accepted and we will obtain films from any previous imaging centers to ensure a seamless experience. Our Breast Care Coordinator is an available resource to answer your questions or to help coordinate your care with other specialists.

Download our breast cancer risk assessment form

What factors that contribute to the overall risk of developing breast cancer?

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Learn more about our centers that offer Mammograms and Breast Risk Assessments: