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Imaging Kids

At Massachusetts Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), we understand that an imaging exam, like an MRI, can be a scary event for both our young patients and their parents or guardians. 

We help our young patients through their imaging experience without sedation by taking these extra steps:

  • Children and parents remain in constant communication with our technologist (the medical professional performing the scan)
  • We offer small comforts like a warm blanket and music
  • Stuffed animals or blankets from home are encouraged
  • During most exams, including an MRI, it is perfectly acceptable and safe for a parent to be in the procedure room with their child

Although it is common to use sedation when imaging children, we believe that in most cases it is not necessary and there are benefits to completing the exam without sedation, including:

  • Increased safety with not receiving sedation medication
  • Shorter appointment
  • Typically a quicker recovery time
  • Child can return to school or day care after the exam