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Helpful Hints for Claustrophobic Patients

Being told that you need an MRI as the next step in your care can cause anxiety for anyone, but it is especially difficult if you suffer from claustrophobia. Here are a number of videos and articles to help better prepare you for an MRI and give you tools to stay calm and successfully complete your exam.

Real Patients With Real Fears Tackle The Real Open MRI

Hear first hand from patients who say the mere idea of an MRI makes their palms sweat and heart race. We talk to patients about what they did to face those fears and make it through and exam. One common factor: Rather than MRI Patientgetting a traditional MRI, these patients found a High-field Open MRI at Center for Diagnostic Imaging centers in Chelmsford and Dedham.

Watch the video

Tips For Claustrophobics From Boston University Expert

Dr. Todd Farchione of Boston University's Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders reveals three tips for managing claustrophobia during your MRI.Fear ladder

Get tips from Dr. Farchione

Breathing Techniques to Help with MRI Claustrophobia

Enid Spitz, a yoga instructor, introduces you to square breathing. A breathing technique that can help you calm down and get through your MRI. Square breathing technique

Learn square breathing

Insider Tricks To Help Forget Your MRI Fears

Aromatherapy? Sleep masks? Sounds like a spa, but we're talking about MRIs. Learn how these items can help distract you and get you through your MRI.   Headphones

See how our staff can help you through an MRI exam

At CDI, we want to you to be confident, comfortable and feel in control during your diagnostic imaging exam. Please give us a call if you have any questions.