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Prepare for your MRI

Four facts to help you get ready for your MRI

MRIs are fairly common these days. An MRI is used to get detailed pictures of your body to help diagnose your medical condition and guide your care. But if you’ve never had an MRI before, there may be a few things you want to know. Here are four things we think will help:


Claustrophobic or anxious…ask for an Open-bore MRI

An Open-bore MRI is the right choice if you are claustrophobic, anxious or have trouble moving around. Our High-field Open-bore MRI gives you about an extra foot of headroom and more elbowroom than a traditional MRI. And the best part, a High-field Open-bore MRI provides images that are comparable to a High-field closed MRI (commonly referred to as a 1.5T MRI). So, you don’t have to give up quality for comfort. We allow family members to sit with you during your exam to ensure additional comfort.

We offer High-field Open-bore MRI at our centers in Manchester, Scarborough and Skowhegan.



MRIs can be costly. But prices for an exam can be very different from one provider to another. At our Maine imaging centers, medical imaging is all we do and we do it well. This helps us keep our costs down while still giving you the high-quality care you expect and deserve.

If you need an MRI, then shop around. The cost for an MRI at our Maine locations is typically 30-50% less than area hospital-affiliated imaging centers—which can mean significant savings for you.

Our handy quality and value checklist will help you compare providers.


A radiologist reviews your exam

Have you ever wondered who looks at your MRI images? At our centers in Maine, your images are sent to one of our board-certified specialized radiologists for review. Specialized radiologists are doctors with additional training in reading imaging studies of the body part you are having looked at.

Our doctors review your images and write a report for your provider. The provider who sent you for your MRI will be the one to follow-up with you about the results of your exam.



One thing you’ll notice about an MRI, they’re noisy. You’ll hear a “knocking” or “buzzing” sound for a few minutes at a time during your exam. If you have never heard an MRI, that may be surprising. We offer ear plugs and headphones to reduce the noise and make you more comfortable.

Listen to an MRI:

MRI Sound 1

MRI Sound 2


Additional Questions? Call one of our centers

Our caring staff is here for you should there be other questions you have as you prepare for your MRI.