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PET/CT Services in Maine

PET/CT offers a powerful tool in disease detection and treatment planning

PET/CT exams are often used to find changes in the body during the early stages of disease. This exam is mainly used for the detection and monitoring of cancer as well as brain and heart-related conditions.

PET/CT uses two types of scans to help discover abnormal activity in your body. The highly sensitive PET scan provides functional information while the CT scan provides anatomical information. When these two scans are combined, doctors can pinpoint the location of the abnormal activity in the body.

At this time, PET/CT is one of the most powerful tools in cancer diagnosis and staging. PET/CT can provide important information about some neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease as well.


If your doctor is referring you for a PET/CT scan, call 800-734-4132 to schedule your exam.