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High-field MRI

Our High-field MRI captures high-quality, clear images. The technologists who operate the scanner are certified in MRI and will stay in communication with you throughout your scan.

High-field Open MRI

Wide bore MRI scanner

Our High-field Open MRI captures high-quality, clear images, so you can be confident in your diagnosis. An open MRI is completely open on both sides—offering more breathing room than a traditional MRI if you are claustrophobic or anxious about the exam.



CT scanner

An extremely fast scan, CT captures incredibly detailed images of your organs and vascular system, as well as your abdomen and bones. The CT program at CDI is driven by our commitment to patient safety. We’re focused on capturing the highest quality images with the least amount of radiation.

For patients 13-18 years of age, we offer non-contrast brain, sinus and extremity CT exams. Body and contrast exams are not performed for this age group.  



X-ray exams at CDI are quick and convenient. We are able to work patients in same-day in many cases but request a call ahead to verify insurance and wait times in order to make your experience as positive as possible.