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What is a Technologist?

The expert who walks you through your appointment

Radiologic technologists, are the medical personnel who are experts in operating diagnostic imaging equipment. They are educated in anatomy, patient positioning, examination techniques, radiation safety, equipment protocols, radiation protection and basic patient care. They often specialize in a specific imaging technique, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), mammography, nuclear medicine, sonography or general radiography. The technologist follows the specific instructions for type of exam and equipment "settings" based on your doctor's order, radiologist's review and instructions (for advanced imaging exams such as MRI, CT, PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine), and further customization based on your unique situation.


Making sure you are cared for every step of the way

Technologists are with you throughout the exam. They escort you back to the imaging suite, explain the imaging process to you and perform the equipment scan. Feel free to talk with the technologist about any concerns you have regarding your exam. Their goal is to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process as they need to capture the best picture of your body part being evaluated. 


Playing their part to guide your care

Our radiologists rely on the expertise of our technologists to maximize the imaging equipment for high-quality images that allow the radiologist to diagnose or rule out disease or injury. Our technologists' advanced training in the scanners they operate or procedures they perform helps to ensure your exam is safe and correct. When qualified technologists operate the scanner, they capture detail of the anatomy needed for review by our doctors. Having each scan performed by a skilled technologist is an important step to ensure that the radiologists reviewing your images have all the information they need to guide your care.


Technologist certification and continuing education

At CDI, our registered technologists have completed at least two years of formal education in an accredited hospital-based program or a two or four-year educational program at an academic institution and have passed a tough national certification examination. To remain registered, they are required to complete continuing education credits. CDI also actively cross-trains our technologists, allowing the sharing of new techniques more effectively through our national network.