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Ultrasound Liver Elastography

To diagnose or rule out liver disease

At least 30 million people or 1 in 10 Americans have some form of liver disease. Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) has recently begun using liver elastography, a special ultrasound technique to evaluate for liver diseases. With clear answers about your liver health and function, your doctor will create a treatment plan with you. 

Finding liver disease through fibrosis

This exam captures the movement of the liver, which is measured in the middle, and its stiffness (or elasticity) is calculated. Fibrotic livers are stiffer and move more than normal lives, which is a characteristic of liver disease. 

Liver Fibrosis causes diminished blood flow throughout the live and a buildup of scar tissue. 

The progression of liver disease can be slowed and may even be reversed. 

Treatment options include lifestyle changes, medication, and cholesterol and diabetes management. 

Currently, ultrasound liver elastography exams are offered within the CDI network at the following locations: