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Open Upright MRI

An MRI option for patients who have difficulty completing scans on traditional scanners.

Open Upright MRI offers a unique MRI experience. The architecture of the Open Upright MRI scanner is unlike any other MRI scanner – it has a completely open front. This open architecture is designed to accomodate patients who have difficulty completing MRI scans in traditional or open-sided scanners. These may include patients:

  • Who are claustrophobic
  • Who cannot lie down due to pain
  • Whose size prevents them from being evaluated in traditional MRI scanners

The open design may help relieve anxiety associated with claustrophobia. For most exams, you can even watch TV. The scanner accommodates most patients up to 500 pounds.


Positional imaging capabilities

Open Upright MRI scanners also offer the ability to capture images of your body in various positions, to diagnose the pain or discomfort you are experiencing. Depending on the source of our pain, you may be scanned sitting, standing, bending or twisting. These images may provide your doctor with valuable information on the source of your pain, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and better care planning. 


Find a center near you that offers MRI

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