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MRI with 3D Post-Processing Quantifies Brain Atrophy

Identifying neurodegeneration is now more reliable and objective than ever before. A standard Brain MRI used in conjunction with NeuroQuant® - 3D volumetric post-process software - allows our subspecialized radiologists to provide quantified measurements of patients’ brain structures. 

Assessing Neurological Disease

NeuroQuant® segments and measures volumes of the hippocampus, ventricles and other brain structures and compares the volumes to standard norms, based on the patient’s age, gender and cranial volume. This information helps providers assess neurological conditions and neurodegenerative diseases such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Sample Images

Arrows indicate hippocampi structures.

How Does NeuroQuant® Work?

For the patient, a NeuroQuant® exam is a Brain MRI scan. The technologist performing the scan sends the data to a secure server where the NeuroQuant® software automatically identifies and segments multiple brain structures.

The software then measures the volumes of the structures and compares the information to a normative database adjusted for age, gender and cranial volume.

The NeuroQuant® software generates unique reports providing greater visual and quantitative information for the radiologist reading your MRI scan and your provider evaluating treatment options. 

Find NeuroQuant® Near You

A Brain MRI with NeuroQuant® can help your provider assess neurodegeneration in its earliest stages and work with you to identify an appropriate treatment plan. NeuroQuant® is currently available at these locations within our network:

California - Downey, Encinitas and Los Gatos

Connecticut - Greater Waterbury Imaging Center 

Connecticut - Whitney Imaging Center

Illinois - Geneva


Massachusetts - Haverhill and Springfield 

Minnesota - St. Cloud and Sartell

Missouri - Chesterfield, Frontenac and O'Fallon (WingHaven®)




DOWNLOAD A CASE STUDY ON NEUROQUANT prepared by Murray Solomon, M.D., a neuroradiologist and Medical Director of Insight Imaging – Los Gatos MRI.


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