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High-field, Wide-bore MRI

High-field images and wide-open comfort.

Espree High-field, Wide-open MRI

High-field (1.5T), wide-bore MRI scanners are perfect for patients who get anxious or claustrophobic (including pediatric), or are in pain and/or have mobility problems. Learn more about high-field MRI

With high-field, wide-bore MRIs, the extra-wide bore architecture makes it comfortable for patients of all sizes (up to 550 lbs.). The diameter of the bore is 27.5 inches versus 23.5 inches (traditional MRI scanners), allowing typical patients one foot of headroom and more elbowroom. The bore depth is only 3 feet, where traditional short MRI scanners are 4 feet.

Our caring technologists guide patients to rest calmly inside, while the high-field, wide-bore MRI ensures the best possible images to guide diagnosis.

Learn more about MRI and listen to what an MRI sounds like

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