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Regenerative Medicine at CDI

Regenerative Medicine at Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) enables the body to speed up its natural healing process with help from its own cells and growth factors. These non-surgical treatments help treat various degenerative conditions and orthopedic injuries, including tendon, ligament, joint, osteoarthritic conditions, soft tissue injuries and disc degeneration.

CDI offers two types of Regenerative injection procedures:

What is the difference?

The difference between PRP and BMAC is the way in which the cells prompt healing:

Platelet Rich Plasma acts very much like a fertilizer, with growth factors that help the tissues heal, creating a local environment that suppresses the degenerative elements. These growth factors also attract the body’s own stem cells to the injury site to facilitate healing.

Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate is like planting seeds. This therapy, when injected into injured tissue, can help regenerate and restore the damaged tissue. It provides the cells needed for tissue healing and supplies the growth factors and cells that facilitate the healing process. It also helps restore damaged cells to a healthy state. 

If you suffer from chronic or acute joint pain or instability due to arthritis, cartilage loss, tendon damage, ligament strain or tear, you may benefit from a regenerative medicine treatment at CDI. Clinical studies suggest compelling evidence that minimally invasive Regenerative Medicine procedures are a viable therapeutic alternative to joint replacement and other surgical procedures. They can at least delay or potentially replace the need for these more invasive procedures. A referral is not needed for these services as they are not covered by insurance.

Contact our centers for a consultation to see if a Regenerative Medicine procedure is right for you: