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Nuclear Medicine Thyroid Cancer Ablation

Thyroid cancer ablation removes residual thyroid tissue after your thyroid has been removed (thyroidectomy) and can also be used to remove thyroid cancer.


Why is there still tissue left? I thought that I had my thyroid removed.

Although your surgeon removed your thyroid gland, most surgeons leave behind small amounts of thyroid tissue to minimize any damage to the nerve that controls your voice box.  Your surgeon may have also left tissue behind to make sure that your parathyroid glands still work. These glands are important and control your body’s calcium levels .

Nuclear medicine is a diagnostic tool in which images are created using a special camera that images organs and tissues in the body after administration of a radioactive “tracer” (radionuclide or radioisotope) to make them visible. The amount of radiation from a nuclear medicine procedure is comparable to that received during a routine X-ray. The tracer only remains in the body for a short period of time before being eliminated in the urine or stool, usually within 24 hours. 


If you need a nuclear medicine test your doctor will write you an order for your test and you can call a center near you to schedule your test.